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Deer Hunting Tower Stand Description and Materials

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box deer stand

The Ultimate Homemade Box Deer Hunting Stand!

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This home made deer hunting tower stand is a modification of the portable box stand that has the following features:

  • 48" x 51" x 6ft high box hunting blind
  • Nearly a15 ft shooting height
  • Fully enclosed box (if desired)
  • Two levels so you never are climbing more than 6 ft to the next level. Also may be used by a second hunter on bottom. There is a hinged door that closes down onto the floor on the second level.
  • Is built from the bottom up. No ladders or scaffolds needed to build this.
  • Is free standing hunting stand.
  • When placed with trees on each side, provides a near invisible deerhunting stand!

I built the actual stand by moving my portable box deer stand to a new location surrounded by trees and then building up another level. As you can see in the photo, it is pretty much invisible! Since it was so difficult to get good photos of the actual stand, I will be using many photos from a 1/8 scale model that I put together. The photo on this page is of the scale model. I also will use photos from the actual tower deer hunting stand. More photos of the actual stand are posted here.

Note: I would recommend using the heavy lag screws along with exterior deck screws for much of your construction so that you may easily dismantle and move or replace and maintain pieces as needed.

deer hunting stand materials

If you are building onto your portable box deer stand, see the list below. Also, proceed to this step if you are modifying your existing portable box stand.

tower stand

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