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Deer Hunting Blind Enclosure Roof For Bi-Level Blind

deer stand roofThis page will show you how to construct an inexpensive PVC enclosure for the 15 ft Bi-Level Blind featured on this site. A photo of the completed enclosure is shown on the right. This inexpensive enclosure will not only keep you warm, dry, and out of sight, but it will protect your stand from the elements and prolong its life. The components are cheap, and constructing this enclosure is fairly easy. If your stand is of different dimensions than the Bi-Level Blind from this site, you will have to adjust the size of this according to your measurements.

The materials list and instructions are shown below.

Materials (All PVC is 1" inner diam. Schedule 40)

  • (4) 25 1/2 " pieces of PVC
  • (4) 24" pieces of PVC
  • (4) 4" pieces of PVC
  • (4) 47 3/4" pieces of PVC
  • (1) 45" piece of PVC
  • (8) 45 degree PVC elbows
  • (2) Tee PVC connectors
  • PVC primer and cement
  • (8) 2" long screws
  • (20) 1" long screws
  • (10) 1 1/2" long screws
  • 8' by 10' camo tarp
  • Metal strapping
  • Duct tape
  • Ice Cream Bucket (for plastic)

Step 1 - Cut the PVC pieces and build the frame

After you cut the PVC pieces (a PVC cutter works well), assemble and glue them into the frame shown below. Take care to keep the frame square - this can be done by using a large carpenter square and assembling parts on a flat surface. The 47 3/4" pieces must be cut out on the ends with a hack saw, as shown in the photo below, and screwed onto the PVC frame as shown below.

deer stand roof frame

Shown below is a close-up of the cut out areas of the 47 3/4" side supports.

deer stand side supports

Step 2 - Cover the Frame With the Tarp

Place the tarp over the frame so the long dimension of the tarp is lengthwise over the frame. At the corners, roll up the excess and temporarily duct tape in place. Then cut pieces of the plastic and fasten the tarp to the corners with screws, as shown below.

deer stand roof

And paint the white PVC black and white plastic black with spray paint if you wish.

deer stand roof

Step 3 - Fasten The Roof To Your Stand

deer stand roof

Fasten the roof to your stand using metal strapping with 1 1/2" screws, as shown. My cover fit like a glove and I was still able to use my door just fine! Also, I was able to stand inside my blind.

Make any necessary window openings.


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