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Tower Deer Hunting Stand - Modifying your Box Hunting Blind

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Step 1 and Step 2 - Modifying Your Portable Box Hunting Blind

If you already built the portable box hunting stand and you only need to build the second level, here is all you need to do for your steps, Step 1 and Step 2:

  1. Remove the roof and dismantle it, but save the pieces for Step 3.
  2. Remove any camo burlap or hard sides you have built onto your stand.
  3. Move your shooting rail down so it is about 3 ft up from the top of the deck and temporarily attach it.
  4. Remove the 23 15/16" 2x4 pieces that are on the top of your 4 corner posts, as shown below. You will replace these with your 9 ft 3" extension pieces in Step 4.

deer hunting stand piecesOnce you have completed these steps, proceed to Step 3 - Build the Upper Level Components



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