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Homemade Tower Deer Hunting Stand Photos & Info

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top level of deer stand deer stand upper ladder top level of deer stand
swivel seat of deer stand looking down on top level deer stand trap door
jhook for securing diagonal into ground looking up into the top level of deer stand from sitting position in deer stand
inside top level of deer stand standing on deer stand trap door looking at ladder to top
deer hunting stand hidden in trees    

This stand was an alteration of my portable box stand in order to add about 6 ft of additional height. Also, I added hard sides rather than camo burlap so as to completely block the wind and allow me to heat my stand in the zero degree weather we sometimes get. With the height of this stand, it makes it easy to hide inside a clump of evergreens. I use the multiple decks so as to provide a safety factor - you climb up one 6 ft ladder after you place gear on the lower deck and then move gear up to the top level before climbing the next ladder. This is done to avoid having to climb a slippery 12 ft ladder and hauling up all your gear with a rope. One could also hunt from the lower level.



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