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Free Ladder Deer Hunting Stand Plans - Economical and Easy to Build!

Description and Materials List For Ladder Deer Hunting Stand

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ladder deer standThe Ultimate Economy Deer Hunting Stand!

The ladder deer stand shown on the left is not only quick and easy to build, but it is fairly economical. For a little over $50 you can build this stand using standard 8 foot two by fours. The ladder and diagonal supports are bolted together, which allows you to partially disassemble this stand for the sake of transporting it to your site. I have moved this type of deer stand a number of times, sometimes by myself. The stand holds up well and may be left out as a permanent stand for many years or brought in at the end of the season. The large 42" wide deck and swiveling seat is also nice for hunting off as well, as compared to most deer hunting stands of this type where your range of motion is somewhat limited..

Here are the different components of these plans:

Materials List: Shown Below
Build the Ladder
Build the Top and Seat
Assemble The Deer Stand
Tips for Setting Up and Moving The Stand


Materials List & Cutting Instructions

  • (12) eight foot long treated 2x4's.

  • (2) pounds of 12d Common Galvanized Nails

  • (18) 1/4" diameter 4"-long Carriage Bolts, Washers, and Nuts

  • (1) section of 12" long 3/4" Galvanized Pipe, threaded on both ends

  • (2) pipe flanges for 3/4" pipe

  • (6) 3"-long 1/4" diameter flathead stove bolts with washers and nuts

  • (2) 1/4" diameter 3"-long lag bolts

  • (1) 15" x 14" piece of scrap plywood for seat, treated preferred

Cutting Instructions For Ladder Pieces

For the ladder rungs, cut TWO 8-ft 2x4's into 6 32" long pieces.

For the upper ladder vertical sections use TWO 8-ft 2x4's AS IS.

For the lower ladder vertical sections, cut ONE 8-ft 2x4 into two 36" long pieces. Save the two 12" leftover pieces for the seat.


Cutting Instructions For Top of Stand

Cut ONE 8-ft 2x4 into three 32" pieces (treated lumber is normally a little long, allowing for the saw cuts)

Cut ONE 8-ft 2x4 into 32", 30 1/2", and 33 1/2" pieces.

Cut FOUR 8-ft 2x4's into seven 42" pieces.


Cutting Instructions For Diagonal Supports

Cut ONE 8-ft 2x4 into two 48" long pieces.

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