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Deer Hunting Tips and Articles

Homemade Deer Hunting Seat - How to make a hunting seat for crossbow hunting from a low blind.

Homemade ATV Drag Harrow - I made this very nice drag out of old tires - it cost me virtually nothing and works like a charm!

Deer Hunting Food Plot Trail System - I created a series of ATV trails and small plots. I describe how I did it in this article.

Easy ATV Bridge Plans - How to make a bridge over small creeks and ravines for under $50.

ATV Food Plot Mower Plans - Turn your push lawn mower into a homemade ATV food plot mower with these free plans!!

My Day Camera - I think this new camera of mine will prove to be, next to my gun and bow, the most valuable hunting tool I have!

How To Control Scent When Hunting - These simple steps can help you minimize your scent when you are out deer hunting. I have used this method when archery hunting within 20 yards of deer.

The Deer Baiting Debate - Pros and cons of hunting over bait. Good alternatives to baiting. Also, how to hunt over bait with minimal negative impact.

Hunting Food Plot Acreage Calculator - Just enter the width and length of your plot in yards, and the calculator will give your the acres!

How to Create a Deer Hunting Food Plot - Step by step instructions, detailing how I created small food plots with an ATV and a minimum of other tools.

How To Create a Camouflage Pattern - How to paint the sides of your deer stand or blind in a convincing camouflage pattern - watch the video!

Deer Stand Safety - Guidelines for safe construction of deer stands.


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