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Description and Materials List For Weather-Proof Box Deer Hunting Stand

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box deer standWeather-Proof Box Deer Hunting Stand

The box deer hunting stand shown here has been designed to minimize costs yet result in a sturdy weather-tight deer hunting stand that will hold up for years and will be a nice place to be when temperatures are well below freezing. The beauty of this stand is that it may be transported inside the back of an enclosed 8-ft long pickup truck or van bed and components may be carried to an off-road location and assembled on site, allowing you more hunting options. This stand must be fastened to the side of a tree (as shown) but the tree will provide more camouflage. The total cost of the materials for this deer hunting stand is about $200, and you can reduce costs even more if you find short pieces of treated 2x4 and untreated 1x1 stock from someone's scrap heap to use for the many shorter pieces.

You can put in as many shooting windows as you need for your hunting situation. You may even put in a window in the back door if desired.

Here are the different components of these plans:


Materials List: Shown Below
Cut Out and Paint The Sides
Prepare Lumber, Ladder, & Top
Assemble The Deer Stand

box deer hunting stand

NEXT STEP → Cut Out and Paint The Sides



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