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ladder deer standThis Stand is Easy, and Good!

If you have your own land or permission from the landowner to build a permanent stand, then this is a stand you will want to build! The stand pictured left is one of the most productive stands I have ever built! And, ironically, it was one of the easiest and cheapest to build.

The key to this stand is to find a cluster of trees in a well-concealed location adjacent to the trail you wish to hunt. In this case, I found 3 cedar trees that made me near invisible once up in the stand. You then follow the easy steps shown here:

ladder deer standStep 1 - Attach climbing rungs out of treated 2x4's of needed length attached with at least 2 30d galvanized common nails.on each side. Space rungs about 15" apart. Start from the bottom and work your way up. A ladder is helpful once you can no longer reach.

Step 2 - Once your last ladder rung is up, attach side supports of treated 2x4's attached with 30d galvainzed common nails. Then build your deck with treated 2x4's of appropriate length fastened with 12d galvainzed common nails.

ladder deer stand

Step 3 - Construct a swiveling seat, using instructions shown on this page. Fasten to decking as shown on the left, using a scrap of plywood underneath that is fastened to the decking boards..

Step 4 - Stay safe! Use a safety harness and bring your unloaded gun or bow up with a line or rope.


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