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Free 15' Deer Hunting Box Stand Plans

Description and Materials Needed For Deer Hunting Box Stand

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15' Deer Hunting Box Stand Summary:

This deer hunting box stand has a shooting height of about 15 ft yet unlike other such stands built in trees, it may be safely built from the ground up without any additional ladders. I carefully designed this stand using a 1/8 scale model to be safe to build and use, as well as economical. I then built the actual stand myself. You will find it to be a fairly simple, yet solid design. Furthermore, it features two ladders and an intermediate deck at 6 ft for safely climbing with both hands free. The top is boxed in up to a height of 41" to provide safety and protection from the wind. The panels at the top are removable and may be switched out for bow hunting or stored in the off season. The total cost of this stand is a little over $150, when constructed out of green treated lumber. This would also make a nice parent and child youth hunt stand since you could have a parent or guardian on the lower level.

Start by obtaining the different materials needed and cutting 2x4 pieces as shown below, and on this printable instruction sheet. Note that I listed the ladder rungs as 23 15/16" so you can cut 4 from a single 2x4 with no waste yet your pieces will be just shy of 24".

All lumber, unless painted, should be treated. I used untreated plywood and lumber for my sides, but I primed and painted them.

NEW! I have created plans for a light, inexpensive, PVC frame roof for this stand! - See Box Blind Roof Plans Here.

Part 1 - Materials List & Cutting Instructions: Shown Below
Part 2 - Assemble Ladders <- NEXT STEP!
Part 3 - Build The Bottom Level
Part 4 - Build the Top Level
Part 5 - Finish the Top
Scale Model Photos

box deer hunting stand



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