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Free Portable Homemade Box Deer Hunting Blind Building Plans

Description and Materials Needed For Portable Box Deer Hunting Stand

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box deer stand

The Ultimate Homemade Box Deer Hunting Stand!

This deer hunting stand was designed by first constructing a 1/8 scale model to optimize stability, speed of assembly in the field, ability to transport and move, and minimize cost. This box style deer hunting stand is not only inexpensive (around $150), it is versatile! You may transport the components of this deer hunting stand in the back of a pickup truck (with topper closed!) and then fasten together on site in about an hour using only a single ratchet wrench! If you want to move it, simply take apart and transport components to a new location. It will keep the rain and snow off you nicely, and cut much of the wind, while offering you concealment as you hunt. If you need 2 or more elevated hunting box blinds for your hunting property and can not afford to pay $400-$2000 for each one, this is the way to go !

You may put in as many shooting windows as needed, using whatever height you desire.

This stand has about a 4'x4' platform about 6 feet off the ground with a roof about 6 feet above the platform.  The shooting rail can be set to a height convenient for the hunter

Start by obtaining the different materials needed and cutting 2x4 pieces as shown below, and on this printable instruction sheet.


Materials List & Cutting Instructions: Shown Below
Assemble Deer Hunting Stand Components
Set Up The Deer Stand at Home and in Field

box deer hunting stand

Assemble The Deer Stand Components



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