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Free Ladder Deer Stand Plans - Assemble The Stand

Directions, Diagrams, and Related Photos For Building The Ladder

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ladder deer assemblySetting Up The Deer Stand

Materials List:
Build the Ladder
Build the Top Deck and Seat
Assemble The Stand
Setting Up and Moving The Stand ← You Are Here!

In un-assembled form, your deer stand may be moved to the place where you will set up by a single person. It is small enough to fit in a truck bed or minivan and the components consisting of the ladder, top, screw-off seat, diagonal supports, and perhaps the bottom extenders of the ladder may be easily handled by 1 person. Or, if you wish, the whole stand may be assembled and transported in an open truck bed, but you will want at least two people to move it.

Once at your site where you wish to place the deer stand, assemble it as shown here, if you have not already done so. Then "walk the stand up the tree if there are not branches in the way, as shown in this animation. It is helpful and recommended that two people do this! Otherwise, tip the stand up into a vertical position near your tree and "walk" it toward your tree - and again, two people are recommended for this job! And if your stand uses extra length extenders, you might find it easier to fasten the additional extenders on after the stand is in place and propped up on some temporary supports. Once you have your stand in place, stand on a small ladder under the stand and nail the stand in place using 30d galvanized nails. Now fasten your seat and you are done!

Tips For Concealment, Placement, and Hunting

concealed deer standYour best bet for concealment is to place your stand in an evergreen with ample branches flowing in each direction as shown on the left or in this photo of a very well concealed stand . And you may add branches to the side of your stand to aid in concealment. Another way to add additional concealment is to create a mini-blind using old bent arrow shafts and camo material about the front of the stand as shown in this diagram. Concealment is very important for closer range hunting, such as archery hunting!

For best results, have a stand setup for each predominant wind. Have a stand setup to the east of a trail in the event the wind is W, SW, or NW and another stand to the west of a trail in the event the wind is E, SE, or NE. Never depend on a stand to keep your scent from flowing downwind to a deer! Also, have a variety of ground blinds you may hunt from. If possible, avoid hunting a single stand or area excessively - instead switch off stands and hunting areas. Once the deer are "on to you" in a specific area, getting a shot at them within 30 yards (archery) is near impossible!


It is recommended that you check your deer stand every season for its structural integrity. Replace or reinforce any suspect pieces. And always use treated wood! When tipping the stand up in place and fastening, two people are recommended. A ladder should be used when fastening the stand to the tree. Pull any firearms or bows, unloaded, up to the stand after you are safely up. A full body safety harness especially designed for hunting off of tree stands is recommended. Keep in mind that a fall from a 32 ft height will have you hitting the ground at about 30 MPH! A fall from a 10 ft height stand will have you hitting the ground at about 17 MPH, which is still plenty fast! If you are still not convinced of the need for safety, see this list of accidents and this page.


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