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Free Ladder Deer Stand Plans - Building The Ladder

Directions, Diagrams, and Related Photos For Building The Ladder

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ladder deer standThe Top of Your Ladder Deer Stand

Materials List:
Build the Ladder
Build the Top Deck and Seat ← You Are Here!
Assemble The Deer Stand
Setting Up and Moving The Stand

An assembly diagram for the top of the deer stand is shown on the left with full size image here. Print this diagram before you begin!

You will need four of your 32" pieces, your 30 1/2" piece, seven 42" pieces, your galvanized pipe, flanges, 2 pieces of 12" 2x4 and the 15" by 14" scrap of plywood for the seat. Also you will need plenty of the12d nails.

Start by nailing four 32" pieces together to form a perfect 33 1/2" square as shown top left with inside-to-inside measurements of 30 1/2". Then, nail a single 30 1/2" piece in the middle of the square as shown top left. Note that your ladder from the previous step should just barely fit inside this square, as shown here.

Now, fasten the 42" pieces over the top to form the deck of your deer stand. Space the pieces 1 1/2 inch apart. I would recommend fastening all pieces with 1 nail on each side partially driven in. If all pieces are correctly spaced, then finish by fully driving in the nails and adding additional nails at each location as shown. In the middle of the 42" piece that is the 3rd from the back, do not use nails - this is where the seat flange will be fastened.

ladder deer standAttaching The Seat Assembly

Start by printing out the full size diagram shown here.

Attach the seat flange to the top of the stand, 3rd from the back, using two quarter inch 3" lag screws into the 2x4's and two 3" stove bolts, washers, and nuts, as show in the diagram.

Cut out your seat with a shape similar to that shown left. Attach two 12" pieces of 2x4 to the top of the seat (or use a 12" piece of 2x6 or 2x8 that you might have laying around). Attach the pipe flange to the pieces with 4 quarter inch flathead stove bolts held on with washers and nuts.

Actual photos of the seat assembly are shown here, here, and here.



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