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Free Ladder Deer Stand Plans - Assemble The Stand

Directions, Diagrams, and Related Photos For Building The Ladder

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ladder deer assemblyAssembling The Deer Stand

Materials List:
Build the Ladder
Build the Top Deck and Seat
Assemble The Stand ← You Are Here!
Tips for Setting Up and Moving The Stand

The diagram on the left shows how the deer stand is assembled. To see this diagram better, click here for the full size image. You might want to print this out.

In this step you will only need the two 48" pieces and 12 of the carriage bolts, washers, and nuts. Also, you will need a few 12d nails to temporarily fasten pieces together until you can drill your holes for the permanent carriage bolts. You will want a nice level surface to work on, like a garage floor or even a fairly level driveway.

Position the ladder under the top as shown. Fasten the ladder in place temporarily with a single 12d nail partially driven in on each side. Then fasten the diagonal supports in place temporarily as well. When all is fastened (temporarily), drill 2 1/4" holes in each location where you install 3" carriage bolts, washers, and nuts. If you wish to move the stand fully assembled, then install the bolts now. Otherwise, you may wish to install the bolts at the location where you will set up the stand. You should assemble this stand at the ground level and tip the stand in place after the top, ladder, and diaganol supports are securely fastened with 2 carriage bolts in each fastening location. When the deer stand is completely fastened together, and up against a tree, it will look like this.

NEXT STEP → Setting Up and Moving The Stand


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