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Description and Materials Needed For Portable Box Deer Hunting Stand

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Step 1 - Attach Temporary Scaffolding to Lower Level

deer hunting standI attached my top decking pieces to my bottom horizontal pieces as shown left. I doubled up the decking as you can see. You can use other wood like spare lumber or plywood if you want. Make sure to fasten your scaffolding to prevent a broken leg! This will provide secure footing so you can build the top level.

Step 2 - Attach Top Ladder and Front of Deck

Attach your top ladder as shown below. The edges of the 48" ladder rung should extend 1/2" beyond the edges. Then fasten the 44" piece so it is flush with the edges - fasten to the vertical supports and also to the top of ladder. The ends of top deck support pieces will be fastened to ends of this 44" piece in a step below.

deer hunting box stand

Step 3 - Attach Diagonal Braces At Bottom

You may have noticed that the stand is a little wobbly. Now that you have the top pieces attached and the top width set, you can stabilize the stand with diagonal braces at the bottom. Before attaching, check all level measurements again! Then attach your 6-ft pieces as shown and attach to 2 12" spacer blocks. The top of one support is even with the top ladder rung and the bottom of the other support is just below the bottom rung.

deer hunting stand

Step 4 - Build Top Deck Supports and Attach

Build your top deck supports as shown below, using a 51" and 48" special cut piece for each support. As, shown, I used a framing square and another piece to help position the diagonal support. Make a matching pair of these with the diagonal support piece sitting to the outside.


Fasten the two pieces shown above onto the support posts. Place one screw to hold it onto the top as shown below and then use a square and level to get your deck supports as level as possible. After you get both sides up, fasten the backs to the 44" back piece that will be fastened to your tree(s). As always, use a combination of exterior deck screws and galvanized nails to secure pieces. .

deer hunting stand

Step 5 - Attach Back to Tree or Trees

This step will depend on your situation. You may have to build up to your back piece or perhaps, as shown in the model, you may have to attach a long 2x6 that bridges two trees and then attach your back 44" piece to this. In my case, I had to use an extra 2x4 piece and some pieces of plywood to accommodate the space between my stand and the tree. I used long 30d galvanized nails and some very long lag screws to attach, as shown below.

Deer hunting stand

Step 6 - Attach Middle Deck Supports and Top Side Supports

Attach a 48" long deck support to the front up against the top of the ladder and in the back onto the 2x4 joist hanger. Attach two 48" long upright side supports at the back corners, as shown below. Attach an additional 48" long side support at the front, up against the deck support. Attach 2 diagonal supports, one on each corner, from below. Finally, place 12" support blocks at the two back corners and also at three locations in front side - see this photo of the model. The 12" support blocks support sides of decking where support is blocked off. After all these pieces are on, you can finish your stand by attaching top decking and sides!

Deer Hunting Stand

Deer Hunting Stand

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

Part 1 - Materials List & Cutting Instructions
Part 2 - Assemble Ladders
Part 3 - Build The Bottom Level
Part 4 - Build the Top Level
Part 5 - Finish the Top <-NEXT STEP!
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