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Calculate How Many Acres Your Deer Hunting Food Plot Contains

When you establish a deer hunting food plot, you will need to know the size of the plot for the sake of getting enough seed, fertilizer, lime, etc. The calculator on this page can give you a accurate estimate of the size. To use this calculator, you will need to find the length and width of your plot in yards. I use yards because for most people, 1 average pace will equal 1 yard, so one may quickly pace off the dimensions without using measuring tapes. If you do measure off your dimensions in feet, simply divide the measurements by 3 to convert to yards. If your plot consists of several rectangular sections, you will need to do several calculations and add them up. If your deer hunting food plot is irregular, you will need to do your best to match it with a rectangular shape or sum of shapes.

Enter The Width of Your Food Plot in Yards:

Enter The Length of Your Food Plot in Yards:

Your Food Plot is Acres in Size


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