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Components of Portable Box Deer Hunting Blind

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box deer stand

Materials List & Cutting Instructions
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Set Up The Deer Stand at Home and in Field

The Components of This Hunting Blind

The components of this stand are shown on the left and at this link. This stand pieces are designed to fit inside a standard 8 ft by 4 ft pickup truck or van bed. In that respect, this is a portable stand. Also, the components can be moved and assembled on site by a single person using only a ratchet wrench. You should build these components and pre assemble (next step) at home or your base hunting camp. The components will be fastened together at your hunting location.

A summary of the major components of this deer hunting stand is given below:

deer hunting list

Build The Deer Hunting Stand Legs

Note that you will first fasten the two halves of the corners with some screws that may be removed later - this will allow you to nudge the pieces a little easier if needed. Upon completion, the temporary screws holding the two halves together are replaced with 3" treated lag screws. When you set your hunting stand up in the field, you will use lag screws.

Deer Hunting

The Hunting Stand Platform

The platform that you will sit/stand on is shown below. First build the frame with the 47 15/16" pieces and then attach the decking pieces over the top. Remember that the end piece will be removed, as indicated below, so only fasten with a few nails and do not fasten from the top.

hunting platform

whitetail deer stand


Build The Mid-Support Rail For Your Hunting Blind

This is an easy one to build! Just fasten the pieces, as shown below.

Hunting Rail

Build The Top of Your Deer Stand

Start by building the frame, as shown below, using the ripped down pieces. These narrower pieces are used to reduce weight. Then attach the metal as shown below.

deer stand top1

deer stand top2

Building The Deer Hunting Stand L-adder

Just line up your pieces as shown below and fasten with nails and/or screws.

Deer Hunting

That's it - You are now ready to assemble the components of your portable deer hunting box stand!


NEXT STEP → Set Up The Deer Hunting Stand at Home and in the Field



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