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Easy ATV Bridge For Deer Hunting

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Intro: In order to create a system of deer hunting trails and food plots, I needed to create several bridges across some small drainage ravines so that I could have access with my ATV. The plans below show how I constructed these bridges at about $35 each..

Get The Materials - Here is The List Below

Also, cut the pieces as shown below. You will get 2 spare pieces that can be used for another bridge.

atv bridge

Mark 4-ft Deck Pieces as Shown Below

atv bridge for deer hunting

Assemble Your Bridge on Your ATV Deer Hunting Trail

I hauled the pieces out and assembled it on location using a cordless driver, attaching the deck boards to the 3 2x6's below. The marks on the pieces helped to position the deck boards. You will find that this bridge gives you about an inch on each side of your tires on a typical 4-ft wide ATV. If your ATV is in excess of 4-ft wide you should use 10-ft deck boards instead of 8-ft boards and cut them in half. You could position 5-ft pieces in the same manner as shown above. This bridge is only intended for short spans - it has not been built or tested for any spans beyond 6 feet.

atv bridge

Position the bridge so the 2x6's are solidly supported and pack sod pieces on each end to hold it in place and make the ends level with the soil. The sod will grow in and hold the bridge firmly in place. See the photo below.

deer hunting bridge


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