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Homemade ATV Harrow Drag Made From Tires

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Make this great food plot drag from old tires!

ATV Drag

I found that 4 tires, chained together made a very nice drag for my ATV that I used to create food plots. All you need to make this is about 15 feet of chain, 7 S-hooks, a hack saw, channel lock pliers, and a 1/2" drill. I attached the tires to each other as shown left, using two mid-size tires in the middle to get a width of about 45". The front and back tires may be larger truck tires. Drill 1/2" holes in the tires where you will pass chain through (see bottom photo) and secure with an S-hook that has been crimped shut with your pliers. Secure a long piece to the front tire and then also create a loop just big enough to fit over your ATV hitch. Since the chain is not on the bottom of the drag, it can not snag up on some root or other items. This drag worked really nice, even leveling out our obnoxious red clay soil! And it is pretty easy on your ATV.

Food Plot Mower 2

Food Plot Mower 3

Food Plot Mower 4

Food Plot Mower 5

Food Plot Mower 6


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